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Let Us Put Your Idle Inventory To Work For You…

At GMDC, Inc. we have created an effective and rewarding program focused on turning your excess/surplus inventory into profits. This will provide more time for you to concentrate your resources and manpower on the important daily operational requirements of your company. Below is an overview of a typical proposal, which may be customized to meet your needs.



Timely turnover of inventory


Highest consignor return on investment


Largest possible sales volume

Inventory Review

Both GMDC, Inc. and the consignor will identify and jointly agree on the final inventory for sale. Among the criteria evaluated will be condition, quantity, documentation and other pertinent information. A final inspection of the material will also be carried prior to its acceptance into GMDC, Inc.’s stock.

Sales/Marketing Strategy

GMDC, Inc. will position the material for sale to all identified target clients. These include end-users, maintenance facilities, operators and selected pre-qualified stockists. We may also list the items on various databases in order to enhance their market accessibility. GMDC, Inc. will also devote extensive resources to analysis, and work with OEMs and repair facilities. This will dramatically increase the sales potential of any given item.


After completing intensive research, GMDC, Inc. will recommend target market prices on the material. Alternatively, the consignor may set a minimal saleable value on each item. If deemed necessary, GMDC, Inc. will seek the consignor’s cooperation in selling the item below the established minimum.

The emphasis is on flexibility to develop the right plan for our clients and to realize the fastest, largest and highest volume of sales and ROI. Let us turn your idle inventory into a profit center for your company.

Thank you for your interest in considering GMDC, Inc. for this assignment. Please contact our offices at your convenience so we may discuss this promising opportunity in further detail.

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